Lawn Care and Lawn Aeration Services

Three Stages of Lawn Care Services

Professional lawn care specialists know what to do for a lawn that might be in various stages of distress, but more importantly, they know when to perform these tasks to coax the best possible results from the grass.

Perfect Lawn Aerator services will aerate a homeowner’s lawn, either in the spring after the final freeze and before fertilization or in the fall before the first freeze. This will depend on if the lawn is a ‘cold weather’ or ‘warm weather’ area lawn.

Lawn core aeration is the act of providing a pathway for air and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. This is typically done with a special machine that punches holes into the lawn or pops out plugs, about the size of a person’s finger, and discards them on to the top of the lawn. These castoff plugs of grass and dirt should be left on top of the lawn, even though it may look a bit unsightly for a week or so, in order to provide additional nutrients to the lawn and soil.

In addition, aerating the lawn helps to break up thatch which is the thick build up of soil, roots and other ‘woody’ type material between the grass and the soil that ‘stifles’ the grass growing process.

It is important to fertilize ones lawn after the aeration process because this is when the roots are exposes and most susceptible to receiving the fertilizers benefits. Lawn fertilization provides nutrients or food that the lawn would otherwise not receive through normal means such as sun or rain. If a homeowner’s area is experiencing an unusually dry spring then fertilizing the lawn is recommended to replenish the lost ‘food’ grass draws from the rain.

Another treatment recommended for a beautiful, healthy and lush looking lawn is lawn over-seeding which also helps to keep the weeds at bay. Lawn over-seeding will help a lawn overcompensate for the natural ‘slowing down’ process of grass growing it experiences over time. Therefore, over-seeding is recommended about every four years or so to maintain a healthy, thick, weed-free lawn.

Over-seeding a lawn should be preformed in the fall of the year, early September is best. Over-seeding the lawn is a major undertaking and a professional company would be the right way to go or your seed might just become bird feed. The lawn must be mowed, on the lowest setting and grass clipping collected in addition to raking the grass with a grass rake so that the seed will make contact with the soil. The other key is watering. New seeds must be kept moist at all times, this requires watering them at least twice a day for two weeks, if not, a lawn could loose up to 30 percent of its germination and you would end up with a lawn similar to the one you started out with.

Perfect Lawn Aerator recommends, for best result to improve your grass, a combination of:

Lawn core aeration with lawn over-seeding

Lawn core aeration with lawn fertilization