Brampton Lawn Core Aeration

Brampton Lawn Core Aeration Brampton Lawn Care Providers Recommend Core Aeration for Healthy Lawn

The city of Brampton is known as the city of flowers because of its multitude of flowerbeds and floral displays throughout the providence. In 2008, Brampton won one of the most prestigious and highest floral contests in the world, the International Communities in Bloom Contest.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful Canadian cities, Brampton was documented as one of the global leaders in safety, being designated as an International Safe Community by the WHO – World Health Organization, one of only 10 cities  in North America to receive this distinction.

The city of Brampton prides itself on creating unique and interesting living landscapes for the beauty and enjoyment of all its citizens; and its homeowners want to rise to the example of beautiful lawns and landscapes the city has made with their own lush, healthy and well maintained lawns. This is why the homeowners of Brampton rely on core aeration every season to get their lawns growing straighter, thicker and healthier all year long. They want their lawns to match the beauty the city has put forth in the many green spaces.

Core aeration is taking a specially equipped coring machine and ‘puncturing’ or ‘punching’ a three inch deep and three quarters of an inch wide hole in the ground so that the roots of the grass can obtain much needed and valuable nutrients from water, air and fertilizers. The normal ratio of holes to area covered is approximately 10 per square foot. The ‘plugs’ left behind by the core aeration machine will need to be left on the ground – even though it may make ones lawn look a little different for a week or so – because these dirt cores will decompose and help to continue breaking up the thick thatch which is the layer of built-up roots, grass and other materials between the grass and the soil that prevent the grass from growing at times.

There are numerous causes for a Brampton homeowner to have their lawn aerated, in particular to control thatch which helps to decrease summer draught damage, reduce soil compaction, improve the results of insect controlling applications and reduce weeds and the need for more pollutants from insect and weed controllers.

Grass devouring pests and insects, in addition to diseased organisms live in an assortment of thatch forms. Pathogenic fungi could also grow and spread in thick thatch, and for that reason breaking up thatch with core aeration is a helpful way to rid a lawn of these difficult lawn invaders without chemical dependency.

Created from too much thatch, soil compaction is a major problem to roots which are the foundation of any good looking lawn.  Core aeration will help to break up the soil compaction, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the grasses root system.

With proper care and yearly core aeration, a Brampton homeowner’s lawn could stay healthier and lush looking year after year, and with a beautiful looking lawn, they might be inspired to plant a flower garden or two.