Burlington Lawn Core Aeration

Burlington Lawn Care Providers Recommend Core Aeration for Healthy Lawn.

Burlington is perched on the north shore of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Hamilton areas and even though this growing municipality is located mostly near the lake, it is no longer a sailing port. Any boating vessels are strictly for recreational purposes.

Burlington ’s claim to fame is that the popular actors Jim Carrey and Ryan Gosling are both from this once bustling ship port-turned recreational area. Tourism is a major industry in Burlington with many hotels, motels and B&B’s.

The ‘center piece’ of Burlington is the 2.2 km Skyway Bridge in addition to its Royal Botanical Gardens which houses both cultivated and untamed landscapes. There are over 75 parks and recreational areas located within the city for nature lovers and environmentalists who enjoy hiking, biking, picnics, swimming, water skiing, boating or simply relaxing under the warm Canadian sun.

Because Burlington has so many outdoor venues, their city incorporates as many ‘green spaces’ into the landscape as possible. Residents take pride in their lawns and landscaping around their houses to look their best and that means to use a core aeration system every season to help the grass grow stronger, healthier and straighter.

Core aeration is taking a specially designed coring machine and ‘puncturing’ or ‘thumping’ a three inch deep and three quarters of an inch wide peg shaped hole in the ground so that the roots of the grass can obtain much needed and valuable nutrients from water, air and fertilizers. The normal percentage of holes to area covered is approximately 10 per square foot. The ‘plugs’ left behind by the core aeration machine will need to be left on the ground – even though it may make a homeowner’s lawn look a little funny for a week or so – because these dirt cores will decompose and help to continue breaking down the thick thatch which is the layer of built-up roots, grass and other materials between the grass and the soil that prevent the grass from growing.

There are numerous arguments for Burlington resident homeowners to have their lawn aerated, the main reason would be to control thatch which would help reduce soil compaction, decrease summer draught damage, improve the outcome of insect controlling applications and reduce weeds and the need for more toxins on the lawn from insect and weed killers.

Diseased micro-organisms and grass eating bugs set up residence in the various forms of thatch around a house. Pathogenic fungi could also grow and spread in thick thatch, and for that reason breaking down the thatch with core aeration is a helpful way to rid a lawn of these pesky lawn attackers without the need for chemicals.

Too much thatch will result in soil compaction which is a big problem for proper root growth and that is the basis of any healthy looking lawn.  Core aeration will help to break up the compacted soil, permitting the necessary nutrients to reach the root system of the grass.