Etobicoke Lawn Core Aeration

Etobicoke Lawn Care Providers Recommend Core Aeration for Healthy Lawn.

Etobicoke currently contains the lowest number of people of all the cities that make up Toronto . This is primarily due to all of the industrial lands and business parks. However, the people need to live somewhere and there are ‘clusters’ of housing units or subdivisions sprinkled throughout the city.

Etobicoke has ‘raised’ several popular actors and actresses including Keanu Reeves of the ‘Matrix’ movie franchise; Keifer Sutherland of television’s drama ‘24’ and actress Catherine O’Hara who has appeared in many movies including the ‘Home Alone’ movies and television programs such as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

There are several parks within the city limits of Etobicoke, most notably among them is the James Gardens located on the shores of the Humber River and it is host to many weddings and family reunions. This lovely park contains several seasonal flower gardens, a rock garden, walkways, waterfalls and streams – all perfect backdrops for wedding photographs.

In order to maintain well-kept neighbourhoods and a healthy looking lawn in front of the many different styles of houses, homeowners rely on cold weather lawn care system which indicates core aeration for a greener, stronger, improved lawn.

Core aeration is taking a specifically intended machine and ‘puncturing’ or ‘thumping’ a three inch deep and three quarters of an inch wide peg shaped hole in the ground so that the roots of the grass can obtain much needed and valuable nutrients from water, air and fertilizers. The normal percentage of holes to area covered is approximately 10 per square foot. The ‘plugs’ left behind by the core aeration machine will need to be left on the ground – even though it may make a resident’s lawn look a little weird for a week or so – because these dirt clumps will decompose and help to continue breaking down the thick thatch which is the layer of built-up roots, grass and other mulch-like materials between the grass and the soil that prevent the grass from growing.

There are numerous reasons for an Etobicoke homeowner to have their lawn aerated, the main reason would be to control thatch which would help reduce soil compaction, decrease summer draught damage, improve the outcome of bug controlling applications and reduce weeds and the need for more toxins on the lawn from insect and weed killers.

Diseased bacteria and grass eating insects set up residence in the various forms of thatch around a house. Pathogenic fungi could also grow and spread in thick thatch, and for that reason breaking down the thatch with core aeration is a helpful way to rid a lawn of these annoying lawn invaders without the need for harsh chemicals.

Thatch buildup will result in soil compaction which is a major problem for proper root growth and that is the basis of any healthy looking lawn.  Core aeration will help to break up the compacted soil, letting the necessary nutrients reach the root system of the grass.