Residential & Commercial Lawn Aeration

Residential & Commercial Lawn Aeration Residential & Commercial Lawn Aeration Companies Create Beautiful Landscapes.

Residential and commercial lawn aeration companies will not only aerate a lawn, they will perform other lawn care services that complement the aeration process in order for a homeowner or company to have a thick, beautiful looking lawn.

A business needs to have a beautiful, well maintained lawn in order to attract more customers to their store or business because if the lawn does not look good, people will shy away from the business, no matter how well their product or services might be. And homeowners want their lawn to be lush, thick and healthy, free from pests and weeds which is easier to maintain and involves less work.

Lawn aeration is using a special aerating machine which pops out ‘plugs’ of earth from the ground at even intervals in order to break up thick patches of thatch and revel the grasses roots so they can receive much needed nutrients from the sun, water and fertilizer to grow healthy, stronger and straighter grass blades. Aeration means to ‘ventilate’ or ‘provide air’ to the lawn.

Breaking up thatch is the main idea behind lawn aeration. Thatch is the thick growth between the grass blades and the soil and is mainly made up of a ‘woody’ substance of dried leaves, dried grass and hardened soil that will not decompose or break up on its own. Thatch is also a breeding ground for many microbes and insects that will destroy a lawn if left untreated. A grassy area where businesses may experience thatch is in patches around high traffic areas where people have made a path walking too and from a parking lot or smoking areas.

Core aeration is the best type of aeration for any type or style lawn. A professional lawn expert will come to a home or business and use a core aeration machine to punch holes or pluck ‘plugs’ out of the lawn at equal intervals in order to allow for the roots to absorb much needed nutrients from air, water and fertilizers so the grass grows back straighter, thicker and healthier.

Some individuals and lawn services try to get by with slicing into the ground but this will not produce the desired results because the nutrients will not reach the roots as well as the finger size ‘holes’ the core machine makes. In addition, the ‘plugs’ should be left on the lawn in order to decompose and return to the soil to help re-nourish the soil and roots.

Businesses also have to contend with litter that residents typically don’t have a problem with. Before aeration or any type of lawn care would be performed a lawn care service would walk the businesses grounds to pick up any trash and debris so it would not be cut up in the lawnmowers or the core aeration machines.

In addition to lawn aeration, a lawn care company will water and fertilize residential and commercial grounds on an agreed upon schedule that is both practical and good for the lawn’s growth.