Milton Lawn Core Aeration

Milton Lawn Care Providers Recommend Core Aeration for Healthy Lawn.

Milton is known for its many outdoor recreational facilities including several conservation parks, campgrounds and a ski resort, a skate park and two all-purpose sports centre.  Conservation parks in Milton are owned and operated by the Conservation Halton. This conservation authority is an environmental community-based agency which represent manipulates based on their watershed needs.

Milton is also home to one of the few UNESCO biosphere reserves, an area of costal and terrestrial ecosystems ‘promoting solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use.’ These are protected areas of land that are demonstrating a balanced relationship between nature and man. They are used to promote training, communications and research in ecosystem conservation and rational use of available natural resources. It is not only a community based project, but a global one as well.

Because Milton is home to so many outdoor activity spaces and the community as a whole cares deeply for conservation and the ecosystem; the residents of Milton care for and respect their own outdoor property by having their lawns core aerated early in the new growing season in order to help the roots receive the nutrients they need from water, fertilizer and air.

Core aeration is the act of using a specially designed coring machine and ‘puncturing’ or ‘punching’ a three inch deep and three quarters of an inch in diameter round peg shaped hole in the land so that the roots of the grass will be able to ‘breathe.’ The traditional fraction of holes to area covered is roughly 10 holes per square foot of land. The dirt and grass ‘plugs’ left behind by the core aeration machine will need to be left on the ground –though it may make a residents lawn look a little odd for a week or so – because these grass and dirt ‘cores’ will disintegrate in time, returning to the earth and help to continue breaking down the thick thatch which is the layer of built-up grass, roots and other mulch-type materials between the grass and the soil that stop the grass from growing correctly.

There are numerous arguments for Milton homeowners to have their lawn aerated, especially to control thatch which helps to reduce soil compaction, decrease summer draught damage, improve the outcome of insect controlling applications and reduce weeds and the need for more poisons on the lawn from insect and weed controllers.

Diseased organisms and grass eating insects set up residence in the different forms of thatch around a house. Pathogenic fungi could also grow and spread in thick thatch, and for that reason breaking down the thatch with core aeration is a helpful way to rid a lawn of these difficult lawn trespassers without the need for chemicals.

Too much thatch will result in soil compaction which is a big problem for proper root growth and that is the basis of any healthy looking lawn.  Core aeration will help to break up the compacted soil, permitting the necessary nutrients to reach the root system of the grass.