Mississauga Lawn Core Aeration

Mississauga Lawn Core Aeration Mississauga Lawn Care Providers Recommend Core Aeration for Healthy Lawn.

Mississauga , is the sixth largest and fastest growing major city in the country with a current population of approximately 729,000 residents who correspond with many different and diverse cultures from around the world.

Recognized as the safest city in the country for the eighth year in a row, Mississauga presents its residents with family-friendly activities, sports, various leisure and arts complexes and a vibrant, lively downtown area.

In addition to being a family orientated city, Mississauga is also known for being a corporate home base for many large companies, both nationally and globally.

For the residents of Mississauga , lawn core aeration is something they need to consider in order to have a beautiful, well maintained lawn. Some companies even go as far as to say core aeration is the best thing a homeowner can do for their lawn.

Many Mississauga lawn care companies will perform lawn core aeration at a reasonable price to help insure a lawn is growing at its maximum potential and will become a lush, robust, thick grass covering to be enjoyed by everyone.

Core aeration is the act of taking soil ‘plugs’ or cores out of the lawn with a special machine in order to give the roots more access to the air and water in addition to more room to grow. Valuable nutrients are able to seep down into the growing grass which helps it grow healthier, stronger and straighter than before.

There are many reasons a Mississauga resident homeowner would want to have their lawn aerated, specifically to control thatch which helps to reduce soil compaction, decrease summer draught damage, improve the results of insect controlling applications and reduce weeds and the need for more toxins from weed and insect controllers.

Soil compaction is formulated from too much thatch and therefore the roots of the grass can not get the fertilizer, water or air they need to grow deeply and stronger for a beautiful and healthy lawn. Core aeration will help to break up the soil compaction, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the grass roots.

When most of the root growth occurs close to the surface, then it could cause a compacted soil situation and set up a summer drought because the water will simply not penetrate deep into the ground where it is needed.

Disease organisms and insects live in various forms of thatch, pathogenic fungi can also grow and multiply in thick thatch, and therefore breaking it up with core aeration is a helpful way to rid a lawn of these troublesome lawn attackers without relying on a lot of chemicals.    

Annually aerating the lawn will help to reduce and break up the thatch and the ‘plugs,’ which are about the size of a finger, are left on the grass to decompose and help put more nutrients back into growing grass.